Horizon Multilingual Web Design is an agency that specialises in developing bespoke websites that are not only available in different languages but also have focused cultural resonance, meaning each different version of the website has its own voice. 


In many countries, making the effort to speak the language is seen a sign of courtesy and it makes a great first impression. Investment in a Horizon multilingual website allows our clients to generate a far stronger connection with a broader group of prospects, securing a competitive advantage over businesses that attempt to use a monolingual website for an international audience.

We understand that managing marketing and sales strategies in global markets is a complicated and stressful operation. By utilising our local and international expertise, we strive to take the weight off your shoulders and worry from your mind when designing and implementing an outstanding digital presence for our clients in foreign markets.


No other agency in Australia has the same international focal point for their operations and products. The two founders also own and operate Sydney Digital Agency, and after working with wine importers and exporters, they identified a common problem in export marketing; inappropriate or poorly translated content. That realisation was the beginning of Horizon, a response to the high, and unfulfilled, demand for quality international web design.


Most people prefer to access a website via their first language. If you intend to expend your business overseas, or want to create a more attractive user-experience for people living locally to your business’ location, having a bilingual website or trilingual website will be the first major step in establishing a connection with a new market. Our Multilingual Web Design Australian services will enable you to achieve this goal.

  • Web design & development
  • Multicultural website strategy
  • SEO integration by country
  • Multilingual copywriting  
  • WordPress Development
  • Ecommerce development


While you get on with the running and advancement of your core business, we will present the digital face of your company to the people of the world, so that they can get to know your brand in a more personalised and comfortable way.

A multilingual website, combined with a multicultural strategy will demonstrates to your clients that you are culturally aware and are operating in the global arena, which is impressive for any company. Customers will appreciate you taking the time to ensure that they fully comprehend the purpose of your website and company.